Cloud Database BI Performance Testing

I’ve spent a lot of time at my past couple clients dealing with performance issues and the associated headaches that come with those problems.  These issues come mainly from large sets of data or complicated queries running on Relational database systems.  There’s been a lot of hype around MPP columnar databases in the cloud.  I … Continue reading Cloud Database BI Performance Testing


Agile Scrum and BI

I’ve worked with Agile Scrum a few times, and a few times very unsuccessfully.  Here are the things I believe need to happen for Scrum to be successfully implemented with a BI Team. #1.  Educate all participants of what Scrum is and is not.  It is important that the management, users, and developers are all … Continue reading Agile Scrum and BI

Sourcing Workday Data for Advanced HR Analytics

HR officers often want to answer questions like 'how long does it take to hire someone?', 'how much early turn over do we have?', 'what is the average time till promotion?', etc.  Getting longitudinal data out of Workday can be a challenge.  To answer some of these questions we can take monthly snap shots of … Continue reading Sourcing Workday Data for Advanced HR Analytics

10 Lessons Learned using BI with Workday

The Workday reporting tool has limitations. The reporting tool looks very intuitive and easy to use at first blush.  You pick a data source, start selecting fields, add some filters, and everything is great.  Then a user requests a specific field…. You finally find this field and realize it is in an object that is … Continue reading 10 Lessons Learned using BI with Workday

How to get data out of Workday for your BI system

After two BI projects sourcing from Workday, I have researched, experimented and used a number of different tools to pull data out of Workday. To get started, let us look at some of the options available. Workday Studio - An Eclipse based development environment for advanced integration development. Core Connectors - Pre-built integration templates that … Continue reading How to get data out of Workday for your BI system